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Check out the kinship facebook group! Good way to stay connected: Servants of the Secret Fire! For all you new to the site members we have a blog that is updated every few days and a fairly active forums! Check out the forums and post if you see anything you like or have any question! TS4L!


As some of you may know, we have expanded into other games.  One game that a few of us have teamed up to participate in is League of Legends.  We are building a team or two to chill with and enjoy those shorter bits of time that we have throughout the day.

If you are interested in joining, please sign up with this link.  I (Bairrd) can be added ingame under the name Col Bairrd if anyone wants to participate.


Picture of the Month!!

Due to a hard choice, there are two winners for this month's picture of the month. Kupid, awesome picture of you between Legolas and Gimli. The pure awesome of that is hard to beat. Goldrad, the picture of you on what I'm assuming is a giant tree across a gorge is sweet. Not to mention the landscape is very nice as well. Congrats to both of you and hope everyone enjoys their pictures! To those who posted other pictures that were not selected, great submissions and try again :)!

(To enter your own picture for consideration simply go to the "Photos & Screenshots" page, open the "Current Picture of the Month" album, and select add photos. Give it an appropriate title and mention in the caption your name and what # submission this is for you--no more than 3 submissions per member.)

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